[mythtv] [PATCH] Mythfrontend support for windows

Mario L superm1 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 19:12:35 EDT 2004

Alright Folks here is a my patch, this brings it up to the point where
everything will compile in myth for win32.

A couple of notes:

1) You need a basic cygwin environment with Xorg installed
2)  Install the mysql tarball (not the source one) - just the client (no server)
3) Install QT/X11 for windows, per http://kde-cygwin.sourcefoge.net . 
DONT install QT/Win32.  QT/Win32 has some linking bugs.  After
installing QT, replace qmake.exe with my version of qmake.exe.  This
will fix naming problems to make this compatible with cygwin
4) Download myth CVS and apply my patch.  If the attachment doesnt
work, then it is also at
5) Compile myth CVS.
6) When doing a 'make install' it will put everything into the right
directories under /usr/local, but with windows you will have to add
the path of your dlls for myth to the environment PATH variable or
move them into myth's bin directory.  I prefer the later, but either

7) This works to the point where it will COMPILE, and RUN only BASIC
tasks, it doesn't work for video, but scheduling and basic interface
all work.  I'm looking at this directX code to see what I can make of
it and whats going on.

This build has debug enabled, so if you want to use gdb feel free, but
I was having seg faults happenning during gdb all the time.  Also I
have noticed that sometimes this code takes the backend down when
using it and trying to play a video.

Enjoy otherwise :)
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