[mythtv] Possible timing issue between dvbchannel and dvbcam

Anders Hanson anders.hanson at speedo.nu
Wed Sep 29 18:11:11 EDT 2004

Isaac Richards wrote:

>On Wednesday 29 September 2004 04:53 pm, Anders Hanson wrote:
>>Hi all!
>>I have a big problem with my Viaccess Cam with MythtTV (latest cvs).
>>The problem is that when changing between channels the cam is reporting
>>that I have
>>no access to the channel and I can't get the cam to recover. It is stuck
>>in the 'No right' menu.
>>I have looked in the code and it seems that sometimes the cam is loaded
>>with the new channel
>>info to late or to early so that the cam tries to use the wrong pmt for
>>the wrong channel, but
>>I'm not sure.
>>The cam is working flawlessly with both vdr and the digital box that is
>>provided by my
>>cable provider (ComHem in Sweden).
>>Has anyone had this problem or can help me figure out what the actual
>>problem is?
>Likely the utter lack of proper thread sync between the various dvb-related 
I'm trying to figure out the diffrence of the cam handling in vdr and 
MythTV now.
One thing that I'm not sure about in MythTV is if the livetv is paused 
when changing channel
and if it is, when is it unpaused? Directly after the channel has been 
changed or when the
cam has loaded the new pmt!


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