[mythtv] Re: compiling mythtv frontend for cygwin

Mario L superm1 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 08:10:28 EDT 2004

Well your were partially right about the naming scheme, I couldn't
compile eveything as just plain dll, i had to switch the config option
to "plugin".  Compiling was a LOT more straightforward using QT/Win32,
but there are bugs with the cygwin build.  The program actually
launched, but dies immediately just like every other QT app on
QT/Win32.  Apparantly it had trouble writing to my D:\Documents and
Settings\All Users\Application Data/qt_plugin3.rc .  I made sure that
every user had permissions to that directory, and I even tried making
the file first, but still crached a bunch.  I'm getting tempted to
pull out the visual studio CDs now, and put together a project and use
QT/Win32 for VS, but I'm thinking the level of work involved in that
is going to make it impossible to maintain compat with linux/mac os on
the same code.

On another note, I found the exact place in the qmake code that forces
this ../bin prefix to all files.  It is in
/opt/qt/3.2/qmake/generators/unixmake2.cpp.  I guess that chaning that
and using our own "specialized" qmake might work for a very simple
workaround as well.

On Wed, 29 Sep 2004 09:28:14 +0100 (BST), Ian Caulfield <imc25 at cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Sep 2004, Mario L wrote:
> > I am thinking of actually wiping QT/X11 and going for QT/Win32, to rid
> > all of the X11 stuff.  Myth is only dependant on DirectX for video,
> > but QT for all of the GUI, so that all shows up in X on windows
> I think you'll find that if you use QT/Win32, then half the changes you've
> made won't be necessary, as qmake will handle them for you... eg changing
> libmyth* to cygmyth* and including -ldgdi - for reference my current
> source (which only has a few minor patches from CVS) compiles fine with
> qt/win32, but unfortunately won't execute at the moment, and I haven't
> gotten around to finding out why.
> I'm tempted to try for a mingw build, but I'm not sure how much
> unix-dependency I'd have to work around (eg replacing /usr/local with a
> windows-equivalent)
> I

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