[mythtv] [PATCH] FAO Thor (mainly) MythMusic Metadata restructuring...

Colin Guthrie myth at colin.guthr.ie
Wed Sep 29 03:59:40 EDT 2004


thor wrote:
>>Well, I've taken things a bit further, and abstracted things a bit more....
> Cool. And sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you on this.

No Worries!!

>>tag.h/cpp Abstract Base Class and some methods.
>>id3v2.h/cpp Derived Class for ID3v2 reading/writing.
> Makes perfect sense to me.

Good :)

> All seems quite sensible. One thought ... it would be really sweet to have a 
> metadata field (in the database at least, if not in the tag) with the 
> original cddb id (that MD5 hash thing that is calculated for lookups). If 
> that were in the db (and used as an index), you could add some logic (at some 
> point) to see if the user already has that CD (on a track by track basis?) in 
> their collection.
> Doesn't have to work straight away, but would be nice to get to at some 
> point. That means tag classes have to have somewhere to store it, and the 
> ripping/tagging process has to be aware of the possibility.
> Other than that (somewhat "out there" thought), sounds great to me.

Yeah, I defo like this plan! I can implement that as a separate patch 
after this one if you like (we'll be able to write the correct ID3v2 tag 
(I think MCDI=Music CD identifier) after this patch is finished!!!)

I set up a box a few years ago which did a crude database thing in 
combination with grep and cdparanoia et al to let me setup a machine 
that I just got my housemates to feed CDs to. When the CD popped out, 
they stuck another one in etc. It wouldn't rip the same CD twice, so I 
really do like this plan.

> If you do if (foo)'s (with a space), you get extra brownie points for 
> recognizing that if is not a function.    :-)

Yup, do the same at work! All my language constructs should have spaces 
before their parenthasis!! If not, it's a genuine typo!!

Cheers for the feedback, I'll crack on (prob over the weekend) and 
hopefully have a testable version (which ultimately should not change 
anything externally visable) by next week.

All the best



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