[mythtv] [PATCH] filldata.cpp improve logic for incomplete days

Mailing Lists mail_lists at shaw.ca
Sun Sep 26 18:32:04 EDT 2004

At 09/26/2004 01:30 PM, you wrote:
>Mailing Lists wrote:
>>This patch better identifies which days have incomplete data. The 
>>previous code did not work for me because 14/53 of my channels were 
>>filled.  This way, if any channels are incomplete, it triggers a 
>>re-download.  I have only tested this with a single lineup using the 
>>datadirect service, so someone with multiple sourceid's (lineups) should 
>>make sure this will work properly.  I _think_ it should.  I did not 
>>adjust the logic for the tv_grab_nz code, but if it should be changed, 
>>let me know.
>Out of curiousity, how do you end up in this situation in the first 
>place?  Just curious because I was talking about it to Ed Avis (xmltv)
>Ed W

At least with the datadirect service, the last day or two contain 
incomplete data. For me, most of my channels on those days have scheduling 
up to 6pm, and 14 of them have complete schedules.  With the current 
mythfilldatabase code, these days don't trigger as being incomplete, so the 
channels are not updated until the automatic refresh of today's and 
tomorrow's data.  It also means that after 12 days, all of my data beyond 
tomorrow is incomplete.   As a work around up to now, every week or so I 
would just delete the program table, and reload all the data, but this is 
an inelegant solution.

It appears that the current check code depends on an arbitrary number of 
"hits" and my database exceeds the threshold.  The code that I wrote simply 
checks that for each day, the number of channels is equal to the number of 
shows that end at or after midnight.  (for me that is sufficient, because I 
don't appear to have "holes" in the schedule, it simply runs out of data early)


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