[mythtv] tv_grab_uk_rt commited to xmltv cvs

Herbie Hopkins Herbie at Hopkins.net
Wed Sep 22 05:49:43 EDT 2004

In case you did not know the radio times site has recently been
purposefully blocking grab attempts from xmltv. The nice chaps at the
bbc have been in contact and an arrangement has been found to allow
faster more accurate grabbing of data (with desctiptions and categories)
and hence a new tv_grab_uk_rt has been commited to xmltv cvs.

Ed Avis wrote:
A new version of tv_grab_uk_rt which grabs the data files provided by
the RT site is now in CVS.  It seems to work okay and it will use your
existing config file.  Known wrinkles:

- Radio channels are missing from the site and you get a ton of
  warnings about this; I've asked if they can be added.

- For the channels you choose, you can either get the whole two weeks
  of listings or nothing.  The --days and --offset options are still
  accepted for compatibility but do nothing (this is just about within
  spec since it's allowed for a grabber to return more than you asked

- Some of the funky stuff the old grabber did to extract text from
  descriptions is no longer done; I hope it's not needed and anyway it
  could be moved to tv_extractinfo_en.

I'll make a new release soon, tomorrow if possible.

I've just been testing the new grabber, it's f**ng fast compared to the
old :) I see one issue with mythfilldatabase. Currently
mythfilldatabase calls tv_grab_uk_rt with --days 1 for each day that it
requires. This is a bit counterproductive with the new grabber as it
will grab all 14 days listings several times.

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