[mythtv] Commercial skip questions

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Wed Sep 22 01:56:55 EDT 2004

> FWIW, I think a "threshold" for length of commercial gap would be a
> very useful thing. My wife bugs me about 20 minute, 30 minute
> commericals where skipping is way off. It would be great to ignore all
> gaps over say 6 minutes.
> At that point it really would be 99.5% flawless.

This moved up on my TODO list recently with the new seasons starting
since I found a couple shows where comm flagging isn't quite up
to par with the other shows I watch.  So, you can expect it sometime
before the next release, when exactly is dependant on how much I
end up liking the shows. ;)



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