[mythtv] FF and next keyframe do not work in latest CVS

John Patrick Poet john at BlueSkyTours.com
Mon Sep 20 21:10:42 EDT 2004

Hmm, well doing the "select * from recordedmarkup;" works fine.

Also, I can "jump" and "skip" around in a show just fine.  I just cannot 
fast-forward or rewind.

When editing the cutlist, moving backwards to the previous keyframe 
works fine, but moving forward to the next keyframe does not.

I don't use fast-forward/rewind very often so I don't know how long it 
has been like this.  It worked just fine during the Olympics, however.

I can try using mythcommflag to rebuild the seektable, but I don't think 
that is the problem.

I was hoping that someone else was experiencing the same symptoms.


Ben de Luca wrote:

> are you having and issue with your data base.
> mysql
> use mythconverg
> select * from recordedmarkup
> if that doesn't work you are and the symptoms would match what you are 
> describing
> On 20/09/2004, at 7:01 AM, John Patrick Poet wrote:
>> With the latest CVS, pressing the Fast Forward button does not result 
>> in the video progressing faster.  If anything, the video moves slower 
>> than the normal play speed.  The display says "Forward 1X", and the 
>> audio cuts out so it is not a keybinding issue.
>> When editing the cutlist, selecting the next keyframe does not work.  
>> The point is moved forward in the video, but only by a single frame, 
>> not to the next keyframe.  Selecting the *previous* keyframe does 
>> seem to work.
>> I assume the above two issues are related?
>> This with HD mpeg2 files from a HD-2000 card.
>> John
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