[mythtv] Re: [patch] patch policy question

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Sep 20 13:46:36 EDT 2004

On 02/04/2004 06:08 AM, J. Donavan Stanley wrote:

> Andrew M. Bishop wrote:
>> I am not sure that I know why attachments are better than inlining the
>> patch though.  Unless someone somewhere is mangling the e-mail it
>> should be perfectly readable and I am not the only person sending them
>> this way.  It has always worked for me before, Isaac has had no
>> problem receiving them, so why I want to attach them?
> Many helpful mail clients will append the patch to the bottom of the 
> message as though it had been typed in there to begin with, just like 
> mine did with yours.
>  Which would you rather do 1) Cut and past out sections of a message 
> to create a patch file to apply or 2) Save an attached patch

Not to mention the fact that a properly configured e-mail client should 
be putting line breaks in the messages somewhere around 72 or 78 
characters per line before sending to this list (because you should be 
sending them as plain text).  When you have a line of code that's 
greater than this length, or the header lines inserted by diff -u 
labelling each file to change, extra line breaks get put in, and the 
developers have to manually remove them to make a valid patch file.


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