[mythtv] How to setup Myth CVS development environment?

bruno_r@nomade.fr bruno_r at nomade.fr
Fri Sep 17 03:50:30 EDT 2004

>I am successfully running Myth 0.15--installed using ATrpms
per >Jarod's
>guide.  (Worked as advertised!!)  The only difference is
that I >installed
>and run everything as 'root'--I didn't create a 'mythtv' user.

>However, now I would like to be able to get the latest CVS
versions >and make
>my own modifications to the Myth source code.

>- Can install/run a separate CVS version of Myth that will
not >interfere
>with the ATrpms version I already have installed & working?

Yes of course you need to give a specific directory when you
compile mythtv

>- What is the wisest way to go about getting the CVS
self-compile >version
>working?  Can I leverage my current installation, even if
portions >of it
>must be removed?
You should read this :http://www.courville.org/phpwiki/Mythtv
it's explain a way to do

>I would like to experiment with some ideas I have and
contribute >them to the
>project down the road.  I am a programmer, but a newbie to
Linux >and open
>source projects.
>kev_wil at yahoo.com


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