[mythtv] Scheduling and repeats

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Wed Sep 15 18:15:49 EDT 2004

Curtis Stanford wrote:

>I have a quick questions about scheduling with current CVS:
>The new seasons are starting and I have shows scheduled for 'new episodes 
>only'. I know they are not repeats because I checked the database. When I 
>look at them in the GUI it says 'previously recorded' which isn't possible 
>because they are new. I changed the option to 'check for repeats in current 
>recordings only' and then it works correctly. If I change it back to 'check 
>in current and previous recordings' it doesn't want to record anything. 
That was the behavior in .16, if a show wasn't marked as a repeat but 
was in the previous or current recordings it would get marked as a 
repeat.  With current CVS you should get the true reason it's not going 
to record.  I've just taken another look at things and it looks like I 
missed a section of SQL for the dups in stuff.  I'll correct that soon.

>I also notice there is not way to specify what to check for (i.e. description, 
>subtitle) when you are recording new episodes only.
That is correct.  New recordings only is currently implemented as a "dup 
in" not a "dup loc".  When set something to be recorded as new episodes 
only it looks for duplicates using subtitle and description.

>I was pretty sure this worked correctly before.
The only recent changes have been to make the return result valid for 
the true reject reason and to make sure that the 14 window is available, 
previously there were cases where shows within the window wouldn't get 

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