[mythtv] pcHDTV NTSC<->ATSC

Jason Hoos jhoos at thwack.net
Wed Sep 15 00:31:19 EDT 2004

On Tue, Sep 14, 2004 at 08:07:15PM -0400, David George wrote:
> Umm, are you sure that the pcHDTV NTSC supports cable?  I wasn't aware 
> that it was a cable tuner.  I thought it only did OTA (over-the-air) 
> NTSC.  Just wondering anyone really interested in NTSC over the air?  I 
> am only about 10-20 miles from our local stations and the reception is 
> horrible.
> [snip]

It can do NTSC cable as well, yes.  And no, I'm not interested in OTA
NTSC since around here anything that I could receive OTA has an HD
signal that at least carries the same thing.

> I could probably test some things for you if you want to send the 
> patches.  I run the latest CVS so, is possible, please send diffs 
> relative to CVS.

I will test things out a bit more and then post what I have so far.

> Thanks, it is nice to have another pcHDTV interested developer.  I 
> haven't done anything on the HDTV video side.  I have been spending most 
> of my little available time on improving the overall Alsa support.  Next 
> up, volume control!  I know not necessary with external 5.1 decoders, 
> but some people like to control the volume through the Myth box.  Yes, 
> OSS already currently supports this.

And thanks in return, since last spring when I last worked on Myth,
audio dropouts and such with ALSA was one of my bigger headaches!
Things seem to be working much better now in that department.


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