[mythtv] Mac OS X "instructions"

Jeremiah Morris jm at whpress.com
Mon Sep 13 18:37:11 EDT 2004

On 13 Sep 2004, at 6:55 AM, Jan Örnstedt wrote:

> I am trying to put together a darwinports bundle for this. If you have
> any good hints let me know ;-)
> At the moment I get it to compile nice but have some problems with the
> app not finding the dylibs...

I have played with this a bit, and succeeded in getting the libraries 
to live in the Frameworks directory for the .app bundle.  Copy all the 
needed dylibs there, and use "otool" and "install_name_tool" to change 
the lookup paths.  For example:

install_name_tool -change libmyth-0.16.0.dylib \
   @executable_path/../Frameworks/libmyth-0.16.0.dylib \

For more information, see this web page, and look at the man pages for 
otool and install_name_tool:


Note that I did not have to change the library names (no 
"install_name_tool -id ..." commands), and it worked fine.  I only 
changed libfreetype, which had /usr/local/bin/ built into its name.  
Remember to use the "-change" command to fix the shared libraries' own 
dependencies, too (i.e. libmythtv needs the correct path to libmyth and 

With this, I had one 40 MB executable that didn't require external 
libraries.  The other dependencies (/usr/local/share/mythtv, ~/.mythtv) 
need to be fixed for true end-user use -- in particular, mythfrontend 
should provide a GUI setup for mysql.txt -- but hopefully this is a 

- Jeremiah

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