[mythtv] MythMusic Web Interface

Ben Dodson bdodson at seas.upenn.edu
Sat Sep 11 20:09:23 EDT 2004

:) Glad to hear you're interested-- to clarify quickly, I am not 'the' 
author of jinzora-- the lead developer is Ross Carlson. I used to work 
on a jukebox called Gina, which was just a hacked up Zina. Ross found me 
and asked if I'd like to work with him, so here I am.

So far, my main contribution has been rewriting the backend. We haven't 
implemented it yet, but once we do a lot of things will be MUCH 
faster-namely searching and random playlist generation. This new backend 
allows for different systems to be used-- currently we have one that 
uses a cache-based system and one that uses a database. To use mythTV, 
all we have to do is write a backend adaptor that uses the existing 
MythTV data. From there, we just have to get Jinzora to play music 
through mythtv as a jukebox.

It's hard to say how long all this will take, but I wanted to see how 
much interest there is with mythmusic users for something like that.


IvanK. wrote:

>Wow!  Fancy that, the author of my favorite web jukebox, jinzora, is a fellow 
>myth user!  And on top of that he's planning on integrating myth with 
>jinzora.  What can I say?  Best news lately.
>On Saturday 11 September 2004 07:09 pm, Ben Dodson wrote:
>>I already talked to a few people working on myth TV about this. I read a
>>post a while back about using a project like Zina as a web frontend to
>>MythMusic. I am working on a project called Jinzora (www.jinzora.org)
>>that I think could integrate really well with MythMusic.
>>We are going to be releasing our 1.1 pretty soon which is mostly feature
>>based, but there has already been a lot of work on 2.0 which will make
>>it easy to integrate with MythMusic:
>>--The backend has been abstracted so it should be able to use
>>MythMusic's metadata easily.
>>--There is a jukebox component that will allow it to control the
>>MythMusic software (the user can choose to stream the music or play it
>>via the host macine)
>>--The interface will use Smarty tags so we can easily customize it to
>>fit MythWeb's style.
>>Anyways, any comments would be appreciated..
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