[mythtv] [PATCH] audiooutputalsa.cpp Broken pipe fix

David George david at thegeorges.us
Tue Sep 7 19:32:08 EDT 2004

Mark Anderson wrote:

>David, this patch has fixed the broken pipe errors I was receiving and
>my ALSA audio output has improved but is still not 100%. 
Thanks for the feedback, I am glad you have seen at least some improvement.

I have now completely eliminated buffer underruns from the new system I 
just built until I ff or rew.  Previously on this system I would get 
constant underruns.  I was able to remove a lot of them by using alsa 
1.0.5a.  What version are you running?

>Some details of my observations are as follows:
>- I now seem to be getting "WriteAudio: xrun (buffer underrun)" messages
>as well as the "Not in the running state, state=2" messages which I was
>also getting before the patch.
Yes, I am still tracking these down.  The "WriteAudio: xrun (buffer 
underrun)" messages are new (now that I found out what a broken pipe in 
ALSA was).  They replace the previous Broken Pipe messages.

>- Audio playback of streams recorded via DVB (Avermedia DVB-t) are
>almost perfect, there is very little breakup, but more than none :-(.
>There is also a hollow pinging sound in the surround speakers which is
>probably unrelated.
Not sure about the hollow pinging sound.  I have never heard that on my 
system (AC97 using optical SPDIF).

>- Audio playback of audio recorded from the line in on my sound card (SB
>Live! 5.1) for my foxtel paytv is terrible. This is where I see the
>errors listed above appear and where I was previously seeing the broken
>pipe errors.
>- I have more than enough CPU (<20% for analog live tv playback) so that
>is not the cause.
>I am happy to support your work here, just let me know how I can help.
Thanks, I appreciate it.


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