[mythtv] [PATCH] View log entries in System Status (Update1)

Matt White whitem at arts.usask.ca
Thu Sep 2 16:59:28 EDT 2004

Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> Chris Pinkham wrote:
>> Do you agree on the LogEnabled setting change as well?  The way it is
>> currently, a user would have to fire up the frontend on a dedicated
>> backend-only box to turn this setting on.  If it was a BackendSetting
>> instead of a GlobalSetting, then you could turn it on/off globally
>> from any myth machine.
> that seems like a resonable change as well but then I didn't originally 
> code mythlog but that does seem a better place for it.

That one's mine - I agree that it should be a BackendSetting instead of
a GlobalSetting.  I missed the distinction between the two when I wrote
it :-)

I'd make the patch myself, but my dev box is dead right now...

Matt White                          whitem at arts.usask.ca
Arts and Science Computer Labs      University of Saskatchewan

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