[mythtv] 2nd tuner issues

James Pifer jep at obrien-pifer.com
Wed Sep 1 16:35:51 EDT 2004

I now have my system going with a PVR350 and a PVR250. If I watch live
TV I can hit Y and switch between the tuner cards. If I hit V for
picture in picture I get an error that is can't read from the other
device, depending on which one I'm watching. Someone on the ivtv list
said this might be caused by software decoding or XvMC (not sure what
that is). 

I was watching LiveTV and it seemed to freeze. After killing the
frontend and then restarting the machine I realized the backend was
recording a program. Then I tried to watch LiveTV again, assuming it
would use the available tuner, and I got the same error again:

error reading from: /dev/video1
read: Device or resource busy

Any ideas why I'm having this problem? Shouldn't it use the available
tuner in both cases? 


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