[mythtv] mythweb CVS video_dir and video_url -- BUG?

Asher Schaffer FreeDenizen at gmail.com
Sat Oct 30 21:06:51 UTC 2004

not sure if this is a bug, but I think it is:
the conf.php defines video_dir as: Local (web-friendly) path to the
mythtv video dir
video_url as : Type of url for the links to recorded programs.

it seems to me that video_dir should be used to point to the directory
that mythvideo looks for video files in, and video_url should be
pointing to the location that mythtv is recording .nuv files to.  Is
that correct?

>From what I can tell only video_url is used, so looking at previously
recorded shows, and mythvideo files both point to

if you look at line 107 of video.php it says:
$this->url = video_url;

I changed it to video_dir, I assume that is what it should be?  Or is
it designed with the assumption that people keep their videos and tv
recordings in the same place?

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