[mythtv] mythfrontend -v playback help needed

flokohlert at muenchen-mail.de flokohlert at muenchen-mail.de
Tue Oct 26 15:18:46 UTC 2004

> On Tue, 2004-10-26 at 09:19, Flo Kohlert wrote:
> > iīm currently rying to find out why my frontendgui looks far better on my
> tv
> > than watching anything (seems like interlaced output on gui and merged
> > fields on watching tv/recordings). Mythfrontend -v playback gives me these
> > messages who rised my attention:
> > Image Size: dispxoff 0 dispyoff 28(???) dispwoff 720 disphoff 540 (???)
> This just means that the image is move down the screen a bit.
> > NvidiaVideoSync: VBlank ioctl did not work
> > DRMVideoSync Couldnīt open dev/dri/cardo
> > Can anyone explain these to me please?
> These are different sync methods tested to decide on the best one. 
> NvidiaVideoSync probable should have worked for you if you have nvidia
> kernel modules and "nvidia" as the x server driver.  Worse sync methods
> may give a tearing effect but I've never noticed any.
> > No deinterlace or any other filters, no xvmc, gf4mx, recordings and
> modeline
> > 720x576 (tried modeline 768x576 aswell due too square pixels but didnīt
> make
> > any difference), Output via vga2rgb converter(thx to
> > http://www.nexusuk.org/projects/vga2scart/) which makes a brilliant clear
> > and sharp picture if iīm in the gui.
> Did you check the channel setups because each channel can have a filter?
> Paul
No filters on individual channels either. How can i track down why the picture 
is moved down a bit? And why 540 and not 576 as fullscreen would be? Because 
the blurrieness of my recordings just seems as if there aint not all lines 
drawn correctly, and not with 2 fields. Whereas in the frontend everything is 
crystalclear. Iīll try to reinstall the nvidiadrivers.


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