[mythtv] Constant ringbuffer

Jake Smith myth at thepier.freeserve.co.uk
Fri Oct 22 09:49:22 UTC 2004

For my 2p worth - I couldn't agree more.

I have a tivo running along side my fledgling myth box. And although I have
95% of my basic myth box setup running, it falls short of my tivo solution
purely in terms of its PVR functionality. Please note - I only have one
video source at the moment and I'm not using any other media aspect of Myth
yet, so _obviously_ I am not talking about the endgame here - where my myth
box will hopefully be recording multiple sources at the same time doing PiP
stuff and handling my music and video media all in one box. But, as far as
the core PVR functionaliry is concerned, I'm really missing:

1) 24/7 recording (have mentioned on another thread). i.e. does not stop
ring buffer when jumping out of LiveTV
2) The ability to record the whole of (as much as in ringbuffer) the
'current' program from an arbitary point. e.g. program has started - halfway
through you think, hmm this is interesting, I may want to watch again and/or
watch with someone else etc.
I wanted to this very thing last night infact and since I was using myth
frontend, but tivo still plugged into same video sources - I switched to
Tivo and pressed record - Tivo obliged and recorded the lapsed 30mins and
the rest of the program.
3) An extension of 2) ; i) record any program that is in buffer, e.g. rewind
to program that has recently '_finished_' and record it. (NB - not something
Tivo can do)

Having these abilities would = a 1 tuner PVR that would more or less make my
Tivo redundant.

I'd also appreciate any feedback comments as to feasibility, as I too have
been thinking of delving into the ring buffer code etc. with this in mind.
I realize there are all sort of complications especially with 2)+3) in
'extracting' (simply copying would be bad solution) the program from the
video buffer.


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  I'm a long time tivo user and have now converted over to mythtv (because I
think it's the best thing since sliced bread, and it has greater
flexibility), but one thing I'm sorely missing is the fulltime live tv
buffer that tivo units use.  No matter what you're doing in any menu or
sub-section, you can always switch back to live tv and pick up where you
left off (as long as you don't change channels of course).

  I haven't yet dived into the code of the backend or frontend yet, but I
wanted to get some feedback before I do on whether or not this type of
feature has been or is being considered for mythtv, and whether the
architecture can even allow it without extreme modifications.

  Namuch - Noway - UhDollar
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