[mythtv] [PATCH] mythweb: Adds wml theme

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Wed Oct 20 19:50:01 UTC 2004

>From what I can tell the xvml theme is used in conjunction with the
> mythphone module.

ah, makes sense in conjunction with what Kevin said.

> I wouldn't say that this is a replacement for the wap theme.  The wap
> theme is (iirc) a modification of the compact theme, which is HTML.  I
> think the wap theme is still useful for people with smart phone
> devices and newer phones that have browsers that are capable of
> rendering html or xhtml (such as the openwave 6.x browser) but have
> limited viewing area.  I think that calling it a 'wap' theme was a bit
> of a misnomer and should probably be renamed for clarity.  Also, maybe
> some rework is in order, such as making it XHTML compliant so that it
> is compatible with new browsers.

Actually, the WAP theme was intended for WAP phones, and if I recall, 
was developed using a WAP emulator..   my guess is that the emulator 
supported more than just WML, though.

Neither the WAP theme or the compact theme are actively maintained, so I 
may remove them at some point soon for compatibility reasons, anyway...

> The WML theme is meant to support the most common mobile browsers and
> fit within the rather small message size limits (~2k in most cases)

so it should replace WAP, but not overwrite it.


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