[mythtv] [PATCH] (mythvideo) per-directory player command

John Patrick Poet john at BlueSkyTours.com
Wed Oct 20 15:23:24 UTC 2004

On Wed, 20 Oct 2004, Michael T. Dean wrote:

> John Patrick Poet wrote:
> > I have some videos which are 16:9 and some which are 4:3.  These
> > videos may be mpegs or avis.
> >
> > This patch causes mythvideo to look for a ".mythvideo" file in the
> > directory where the video file is located.  If that file exists, the
> > content will be used as the player command instead of the default.
> >
> > For example, in the directory where I keep my 4:3 video files, I have
> > a .mythvideo file which contains:
> >
> > xrandr -s 640x480;mplayer -quiet -monitoraspect 4:3 -framedrop
> > %s;xrandr -s 888x500
> >
> > This changes my output resolution to 640x480, runs mplayer with a 4:3
> > aspect, and then switched back to my normal 888x500 (16:9) "menu"
> > resolution when mplayer exits.
> >
> > There may be a better (more efficient) way to achieve this
> > functionality, but this was a simple change.
> Both MPlayer and xine support on-the-fly resolution switching using the
> X VidModeExtension.  When using the built-in xvidmode support, the
> player will determine the best video mode to use (of all the available
> modes you have configured in your XF86Config (or xorg.conf) file) based
> on resolution and aspect ratio (and refresh rate?) of the video.  If
> using Xv video out, the video will then be scaled to full-screen for the
> selected resolution in the event none of the video modes is an exact
> match for the video's resolution.
> To have mplayer switch the resolution specify the "-vm" option on the
> command-line (works with "-vo xv", in spite of what the man page
> implies).  To have xine switch the resolution, specify
> gui.use_xvidext:1
> in the ~/.xine/config file (can be specified through the GUI at the
> bottom of the "gui" tab of the xine setup dialog--check the box "use
> XVidModeExtension when switching to full screen").
> Unfortunately, xine doesn't set the resolution back to the pre-switch
> resolution, but MPlayer does.
> Mike

Interesting. I will give that a try.  What about aspect ratio, though?

My TV is natively 4:3, but when fed a 1920x1080i signal it goes into a
"vertical squeeze" mode resulting in a 16:9 aspect.

I have mplayer's default config set up to think the monitor is 16:9, but
feed it the "-monitoraspect 4:3" switch when playing 4:3 material.



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