[mythtv] Video playback problems

Flo Kohlert flokohlert at muenchen-mail.de
Tue Oct 12 22:34:31 UTC 2004

On Tue, Oct 12, 2004 at 04:42:27PM -0400, William wrote:
> > I'm using 2xDVB cards, XVMC enabled, ALSA disabled, AMD 2500+ 
> > with GeforceMX440 and Gigabyte GA-7VAX Mainboard.
> I have to agree with Yan. It may not be the solution to this specific
> problem but switching away from that VIA chipset will save you lots and
> of frustration. I went from a system that would not run for 30 minutes to
> one that runs for weeks without a reboot simply by switching to a nVidia
> based motherboard. And he is also right about the separate 4 pin power
> get a board that has one. Sell the turkey to a windows user on ebay, they
> will be happy with it.

As an alternate datapoint, we're running a KT400A based Asus mbo in our
MythBox, with two 250's and a Barton 2500+; 512MB of ram and 2
BarracudaATA 200's, and we don't see hardware problem one.

And the machine has been on 24x7 since about August 1st or so.

-- jra

You might try newer ivtv drivers (0.2.0rc1) as there should be some
improvements for via based horror.


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