[mythtv] New feature idea - MythCalendar

Kendrick Vargas ken at hudat.com
Mon Oct 11 13:28:17 UTC 2004

Jeppe N. Madsen wrote:
> Things I would like to do:
> - Should be able to handle a few people (i.e. a family)
> - An overview should be available showing todays/weeks tasks for a
>   all people
> - Enter & synchronize data with myth/web/outlook/pda.
> For me, a ui only available in myth would be useless. I need to
> synchronize to other calendars, perhaps only Outlook which could then
> synchronize to other devices. My initial idea was to see if somebody
> has created a web-enabled calendar with the above features and then
> create a myth ui on top of this.

Kronolith (Horde, the latest alphas, not the stable version) does all this 
quite handily. Users each get their own calendars, and they can have 
multiple calendars. Also, they can mark certain calendars as being visible 
globally to the rest of the world (shared). Furthermore a user can enable 
and disable the individual calendars making up their composite calendar view.


I think for myth you'd first need to start looking at the idea of users. 
Maybe something that wouldn't be targetted so much at security and instead 
simply be for having different personas in myth. Something like this would 
make life better for families, with different calendar views or mythphone 
settings, etc.

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