[mythtv] Re: compiling mythtv frontend for cygwin

Mario L superm1 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 06:36:44 UTC 2004

Hey mark - scratch that last patch, here is a patch to get the
compilation complete.  To compile properly it needs to be done using
the mingw runtime under a cygwin environment.  This is all pretty much
automated thanks to qmake, as long as mingw runtime is installed in
the cygwin envionment.
Also, even though a mingw build of QT is used, a cygwin version of
qmake has to be used.  My binary (which i just updated), has a version
of qmake that is intended for cygwin usage, however the qt libraries
are built for mingw usage.  The other dependencies are pthreads-win32
(as previously stated), freetype2, and lamemp3 (built under mingw),
and directX.

All the dependencies are at my site, in usable format.  Unfortuantely
there is a problem when launching which I am beginning to think might
have been a cause of using the cygwin environment.  The problem is
looking very similar to the previous problems with QT3.1.

All together, attached it the patch, and all the dependencies are at
my site.  If you are going to compile, be sure that all of these
dependencies are put into /usr/local/lib, as that is hardcoded into a
couple of files to hunt there.

I re-arranged everything there to be more logically put.  Dependencies
are all in the same folder.
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