[mythtv] Re: compiling mythtv frontend for cygwin

Mario L superm1 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 10 23:37:26 UTC 2004

I have a patch (previously posted) which will allow it to compile with
cygwin.  The problem is that a cygwin build of myth won't link
properly with a mingw build of QT.  There are some fixes that i have
on my site to compile QT3.3 ( preferred over 3.1), meaningly the fix
for configure.exe and the library you need to link SQL with it.  The
library for mysql is taken from a native windows build with symbols
exported.  It is linked statically, but dependent on a dynamic dll
file along with the qt library.

Working from that basis I am still working on a patch to allow mingw
compilation, there are A LOT of things that mingw doesn't define, that
cygwin does which I am now realizing.  I can release a patch that will
bring it up to allow libavcodec, libavforamt, and libmyth, but I am
still working with libmythtv.

If you could apply my old patch to CVS, that is a great start, and
then I will get the new CVS and redo the changes I have done and make
a second patch.  If it is easier to just do one patch alltogether,
i'll do that instead though, just let me know what is most convenient.

Also, if you don't want to fuss around with compiling QT3.3 under
mingw, i do have a binary at my site
http://clue.eng.iastate.edu/~superm1/qt-3-win32-mingw.rar .

Again just give me the signal what is best to do at this point.

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