[mythtv] Patch: Big audio code update (please test)

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Thu Oct 7 20:53:30 UTC 2004

>> - Volume code to be moved to audio output libraries and generic volume
>> control object implemented. (Say, arbitrary 0-100 scale)
> I'll work on this.  I already had the volume control for ALSA 
> finished, so we should have OSS and ALSA covered here fairly soon.  I 
> agree with the 0-100 scale, it matches with the existing volume 
> sliders in myth setup.  I already added ALSA code that gets the min 
> and max volume from the mixer device and scales it to 0-100.

Excellent, thanks.  It's very easy with Jack, there is a call: 
"JACK_SetAllVolume(audioid, vol)", takes a volume between 0-100.  There 
is an example in the OpenDevice() code setting it to 100.

I only mention this as an example of how easy it will be to add if there 
was a framework, eg adding in a "SetVolume" function to the base 
library.  Then the rest can be abstracted to a generic volume control class?

Please let me know if it all compiles and I didn't screw anything up 
making the patch...?


Ed W

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