[mythtv] [PATCH] small oss define patch (prelude to another ALSA patch)

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Thu Oct 7 06:55:33 UTC 2004

Jeremiah Morris wrote:

> On 6 Oct 2004, at 3:02 AM, Ed Wildgoose wrote:
>> I have made some big structural changes to the Audio code to 
>> introduce a new concrete base class which implements the basic 
>> algorithm that all the other concrete classes inherit from.
> As someone who recently implemented an audio module (Core Audio for 
> Mac OS X), that sounds like a wonderful idea.  The audiooutputca.cpp 
> was about 20% mine and 80% copied from OSS.

Excellent.  I will send a base patch in a few hours.  Can you please 
copy what I have done for the coreaudio module and test it for me (I 
haven't made the changes because I haven't got anything to even do a 
compile check on).

Basically you just need to open up the "Base" module in one window, the 
Jack module in another and your module in the third.  You can easily see 
that all you need to do is hit the delete button on all code that is in 
the base module, and in some cases like "Reconfigure, you delete the 
common code leaving only the coreaudio specific stuff, and then rename 
that sub to "OpenDevice".  It's very simple and should only take 20 mins.

I need someone to do the same for the DirectX as well really?

Coming your way shortly...


Ed W

PS The Jack stuff is done using a blocking layer called bio2jack, so the 
callback is not directly exposed, but wrapped up in another module.  I 
may make it a native app at some later stage, but this uses fully 
debugged code and works well, so this is what I have for the moment.

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