[mythtv] MacOS X binary

Joshua King jking_ok at yahoo.com.au
Tue Oct 5 08:49:26 UTC 2004

On 5/10/04 8:56 AM, "Jan Örnstedt" <ornstedt at users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> If you want to try it out here is a disk image with a pkg.
> http://www.ornstedt.nu/mythtv-0.16.dmg
> Any comments are welcome!

This works fine for me, and I'm a beginner mythtv user so well done. It even
plays the live tv and recordings, though they stutter which I think is more
down to the use of wifi and a G3 iBook.

Installed quickly and perfectly, hasn't interfered with my other mythtv
directory, connected straight to the backend and got all my recordings and

Also full marks to Ashley, the icon is really good.

Setup is
Apple iBook G3/900Mhz/384MB running over 802.11b WiFi to a generic Pentium
III 550Mhz also running MythTV 0.16 on Gentoo using a WinTV Go and AWE64
Gold for capture.

Happy to be a guinea pig if you need me.

Joshua King

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