[mythtv] FIX "do not autoexpire" Flag made persistent

Ben de Luca bend at bedel.mine.nu
Tue Oct 5 03:50:56 UTC 2004

>> replaytv takes care of this by moving the "saved" episode to
>> another group.
>> i think that when you say "keep this episode" it should move
>> the type of recording to "once"
>> so it would:
>> 1) create a new entry in record with a new recordid and change the 
>> type
>> 2) update the recorded entry to reflect the new recordid
> This is kinda kludgey and since Max Episodes works by title and not by
> recordid, it wouldn't work anyway.
> If the undeletable flag was set and you wanted to mark certain episodes
> as undeletable, then you should bump your max episodes up.

This would be trivial to implement, with some sql like

select title where undeletable='1' order by title ASC and maxepisodes 

I agree that the current method is confusing and like some of the 
suggestions put forward. When I mark some un auto expire then it should 
through out the system

possibly add a list like All programs in the recoding selection screen 
called saved/archive or some thing. so we know they are special.


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