[mythtv] New AspectRatio option

chris.web at tamibrown.com chris.web at tamibrown.com
Tue Nov 30 22:42:25 UTC 2004

I've been implementing MythTV using Xbox as frontend, and have run into
a problem that I believe (after searching google and the various lists)
needs to be fixed with a new configuration option. I am planning to add
a new 'MonitorAspect' option to the appearance setup section that can be
switched between '4:3' and '16:9'.
The problem basically is that on systems where the pixel aspect ratio is
not the same as the display aspect ratio (such as an Xbox displaying
640x480 but stretched to 16:9 when displayed on a widescreen TV) there
is no way to tell MythTV that the aspect ratio is anything other than
the pixel ratio - that is, there is no way to tell MythTV that pixels
are not displayed as squares.
The existing AspectRatio options (in the popup menu during playback/live
tv and the override version in the setup screen) would continue to
function - these effectively tell MythTV the aspect ratio of the content
it is playing, if it cannot determine this itself.
This option would be similar in function to the '-monitoraspect' option
that can be passed to mplayer. I know that on some systems it may be
possible to configure X to return the correct monitor aspect to Myth,
however, the X display width and height options are not currently always
used by X, and not all video cards/tv output chips will support these
I'd be very grateful for feedback on this idea before I submit a patch,
or please shoot me down if I have completely misunderstood something...
Chris Brown
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