[mythtv] MythWeb: Call to translators and theme maintainers

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Tue Nov 30 07:53:13 UTC 2004

I've just committed the last bit of code to finalize the new translation 
stuff for mythweb.  Unfortunately, I was unable to save most of the 
translation strings from before, and my knowledge of foreign languages 
rather limited (and I'd rather trust Spanish and German to native 
speakers), so I need things re-translated (and verified for the small 
amount of stuff I was able to carry over).

I also noticed that many of the category-matching regular expressions 
were not translated, leaving most languages matching a mishmash of 
english/german/spanish that were in place before there was any thought 
of translation.  You might want to go through and make sure that things 
are matching properly for your language.

I hope that you'll find this MUCH easier to deal with than the previous 

Theme maintainers:  I only updated the Default theme, so please update 
your themes and get back to me with patches asap.  If you find that you 
need to make new strings, please let me know (currently, the string 
builder script only looks at Default) so I can figure out the best way 
to cleanly handle this.  I'm hoping this won't be necessary, though

Anyone who has big patches that I had not yet committed (I remember a 
big mythmusic one), I'm hoping that you'll be able to get back to me 
with updated patches (if necessary -- I noticed that most of the 
music/video sections weren't translated at all)


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