[mythtv] help needed to complete opaque logo commercial flagging. just one issue left...

Marc Kessels kessels at rijnh.nl
Mon Nov 29 22:52:23 UTC 2004

I almost finished some code about flagging commercials based on detecting 
an opaque logo. However, while testing it, I could not find a method to 
rewind the video stream back to the start after I had determined the logo 
I tried to use JumpToFrame(0) and ResetPlaying(), but after a GetFrame(1) 
(as is used in ProcessNextFrame) the frame counter increments to the frame 
after the last decoded frame.

So at the moment the code works very nice for the part of the show after 
the first half hour. Who can help me a bit further to get the complete show 

(To get this code running, you also need to edit your settings table, so 
that CommercialSkipMethod=8. Any help on how/where to update the GUI is 
also appreciated.)


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