[mythtv] FF and REW behavior

Marc Kessels kessels at rijnh.nl
Mon Nov 29 07:56:34 UTC 2004


I noticed the same thing. It apparently has something to do with the recent 
changes they implemented in the FF/REW code, which is incompatible with the 
sticky keys feature. Disabling the latter results in a working system. 
However, since I don't have time to look at it, I didn't dare to complain :-)


At 01:04 29-11-2004, you wrote:
>I just recently built and installed the latest code from CVS and have 
>noticed that fast-forward and rewind are no longer behaving as they used to.
>When watching live tv or a recording, the resumed position after a 
>fast-forward or rewind is not where I expect it to be (not even close 
>I thought at first it might be a bug in the auto ff-rew skip-back stuff, 
>but it behaves the same whether or not that feature is turned on.
>After looking closer at what is happening, I think the video position (at 
>least what I can see on the screen), is getting out of sync with the time 
>counter.  This appears to get worse the faster I go, ..5x..10x..etc..and 
>the longer you stay in ff or rewind mode.
>Is this something that only I'm experiencing?  Or is there something else 
>here that I don't know about?
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