[mythtv] Sluggish pause, waiting for a keyframe?

Doug Larrick doug at ties.org
Mon Nov 29 03:11:41 UTC 2004

Ed Wildgoose wrote:
>> ALSA audio output seems to be setting this variable properly, but 
>> perhaps JACK and ARTS need to do so as well.
> Good catch.  I will check the other files as well.
> Has anyone actually tested the updated Arts code yet...?
> I haven't seen you problem pausing playback.  Does it change if you 
> specify alsa for output..?  Do you have any other interesting options 
> set?  Curious

I'm still seeing the problem if I switch to native ALSA.  I get a bunch 
of "Audio buffer overflow, audio data lost!" messages, which are 
consistent with different subsystems of MythTV pausing at different 
times (decoder is still trying to feed data to audio, which is paused).

It appears to be worse with some streams.  You can get a clip of a bad 
one at http://jekyl.no-ip.org/doug/soundstage.mpg (20 MB)

CVS as of Nov. 17 (my previous update) did not exhibit the problem.

A little more playing around reveals that pause now appears to wait for 
or reposition to a keyframe.  For material that has come in over ATSC, 
this is not good news, as the keyframes can be several seconds apart 
(typically 2-3, but I've seen as much as 10).

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