[mythtv] [PATCH] MythWeb - SQL fix when $num_recordings == 0 in includes/programs.php

Colin Guthrie myth at colin.guthr.ie
Mon Nov 29 00:17:49 UTC 2004


I submitted this patch a few days ago, but I see it's not yet applied.

I tried to describe the error, but perhaps not well enough (I wasn't 
looking at the code when I described the error to you Chris, so sorry if 
I was a little vauge).

I've looked again at the problem and the error case I refered to is when 
you do not have any recordings stored (check around line 114 of 

This patch simply moves a field selection in the SQL into a conditional 
block (which was already there) which means it will only select the 
record.recgroup field if the record table is actually joined.

The previous code selected the record.recgroup field regardless if the 
record table was joined into the SQL, which is quite clearly incorrect.

Hope this make more sense this time round.

All the best



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