[mythtv] MythMusic future plans roundup.... was: Mythmusic question (to Thor)

Colin Guthrie myth at colin.guthr.ie
Mon Nov 29 00:04:58 UTC 2004

Ed Wildgoose wrote:
> [Thinking even further ahead I still wonder how we can generalise some 
> kind of remote control of myth.  I still like the idea that I proposed a 
> little while back that we could have a kind of MythStatus object that 
> each plugin inherits from and fills with info on what the module is 
> doing (so the remote control/lcd can do sensible things like displaying 
> progress, context, etc).  Then we feed the control events in via the 
> same path as the current lirc/keyboard code... Anyway, way off topic 
> now...]

Just for my tupence worth while we're discussing MythMusic......

I would like to help make MythMusic a really cool player as things move 
forward, so it may be a nice idea for a little summary of where all the 
new mfd/mfe stuff will fit in with the current MythMusic and also 
perhaps bring in a little on the topic of Jinzora/MythWebMusic 

I'm a fairly good coder and have a fair bit of PHP/MySQL experience 
(it's my day job) as well as a reasonable C++ background. The MythMusic 
side of things is a big part of why I use Myth, so improving it would be 
on my list of priorities.

Thor, would you be able to write a brief summary of where you think 
MythMusic will go in the future and how it will work with your mfd/mfe 
stuff? Are these two projects likely to merge into one? or will one 
obsolete the other?

I may begin to look at Jinzora integration with MythWeb if no one else 
is going to, but I'm not sure when I'd be able to get round to that... 
possibly not till the end of January.

If we're throwing in some random ideas, as we see more plugins of the 
like of MythNews/MythRecipe etc, I'd like to see the day where I can use 
MythMusic to select some tunes and start playing them, then quit out 
leaving the music playing and fire up MythNews and have a read, or bring 
up the evenings meal!!

I don't know how easy it would be to have a decoding/feeding thread for 
the actual audio playback and just have the GUI sit on top and be 
detachable when needs be..... It may be that the mfd/mfe stuff is more 
suited to that kind of operation???

Cheers just now



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