[mythtv] IVTV Decoding Lockups

Dustin Lucien dustin.lucien at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 21:07:50 UTC 2004

I have been experiencing PVR-350 decoding lockups for some time now,
and have been monitoring the ivtv-dev mailing list for a few months in
hopes of solving the problem through the driver, since I have not seen
posts from people with similar troubles on this or the myth-user list.

I have run more than a few tests decoding .nuv captured files using
ivtvplay succesfully with the last few revisions of the ivtv drivers,
leading me to believe that the driver can be made to work on my
system.  I have started looking into the videoout_ivtv.cpp code,
comparing it to ivtvplay.cpp to see if I can reproduce the stability
of the reference app.  Obviously, the fact that ivtvplay uses an mpeg
index and updates decoding by chunks stands out as a possible
workaround, since I am able to "revive" the Myth decoding (most times)
by seeking backward or forward in the stream.

Is anyone else working on this, or experiencing the same intermittent
lockups with ivtv-0.2.0 or 0.3.0 code?  Is there already an answer
that I've overlooked in the archives?

I'm running against the current Myth CVS, but as far as I can tell,
the videoout_ivtv code hasn't changed in awhile.  Oh, and I am not
using the myth patch included with ivtv, just to limit the variables.

Any suggestions/guidance is appreciated.



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