[mythtv] Segfault when entering program guide

Anders Bruun Olsen anders at bruun-olsen.net
Sat Nov 27 22:59:01 UTC 2004


I wrote to the -users mailing list about this problem but I guess nobody
could help since only one answered, and that was a direct answer to me,
and not the list, which in the end did give me some things to try, but
did not fix the problem.
I am running Gentoo and I have a PVR250 card, running ivtv-0.2.0rc2w

Mythfrontend crashes whenever I enter program guide. Both 0.15.1, 0.16
and CVS does this. I have also tried connecting with mythfrontend from
another machine and that one segfaults at the same place as well.
I have mythweb setup, and the program schedule data seems to be there
just fine, no errors there.

I am not a C/C++ programmer, but through the help of Google I have found
out how to do what I hope is a useful gdb dump, located here:
It was done running mythtv 0.16 and qt 3.3.3 with debug useflag.

I am guessing this might be something to do with ivtv, but no matter
what, I should think that mythfrontend isn't suppose to segfault no
matter what, so I would very much like to do whatever I can to help
debug this problem, if the developers will just please tell me what data
to provide you with.

I am not just looking for a quick workaround here, I honestly want this
to work correctly.

Version: 3.12
GCS/O d--@ s:+ a-- C++ UL+++$ P++ L+++ E- W+ N(+) o K? w O-- M- V
PS+ PE@ Y+ PGP+ t 5 X R+ tv+ b++ DI+++ D+ G e- h !r y?
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