[mythtv] [PATCH] mythmusic compilation problem

Colin Guthrie myth at colin.guthr.ie
Sat Nov 27 11:07:49 UTC 2004


John Harvey wrote:
> I sent a separate mail before seeing this one but for my g++ fstream still
> doesn't work. 
> BTW not sure if this was your code but it seems like a lot of effort in that
> area to achieve what fdopen would do in one line?

I wrote that bit of code the as part of ongoing updates.....

A quick look at `man fdopen` would seem to confirm that fdopen would be 
slightly more efficient way of getting a FILE* from a file descriptor!!!

It's been a while since I did much file io stuff in C/C++ so forget the 
handy calls sometimes.

I'll patch it up as part of another update.....

Cheers for pointing that out to me.



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