[mythtv] LiveTV playback timing problems

Ed Wildgoose lists at wildgooses.com
Sat Nov 27 10:07:26 UTC 2004

>>And was that the problem?  Just find out for goodness sake?!
>I am entirely new to linux and I do not know how to change the sample
>rate of my sound card.  I was hoping that somebody would tell me
>through this list

You don't (and usually can't) set the sample rate of your soundcard.  
The programmer requests the rate that they want and the card usually 
gives it to them.  Sometimes if you have a digital receiver, then the 
output gets stuck at 48Khz because that's all the card designers felt 
like implementing for spdif.  Ocassionally (much more rare I think), the 
card gets locked in the same way at 44Khz.

Suprisingly, from the angle I am sitting here I can't quite see which 
sound card you even have....

>I am using an LCD monitor and the refresh rate is set to 75hz, it is
>also connect via DVI rather than a standard VGA connector.  Could this
>be a problem.

It could be.  Try changing the refresh rate to 50Hz.  You will probably 
need to generate a new modeline (there is some X app that I forget the 
name of which does it automatically).

Try also checking your myth options in the tv playback settings menu.  
Stuff like "use video as timebase" is not going to work here.

Sounds wierd.  You really do need to try to provide more info to get 
this debugged though

Good luck

Ed W
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