[mythtv] How to make sure v4l2 is being used (compile flag?)

Martin Forssen maf at tkrat.org
Sat Nov 27 08:50:27 UTC 2004

On 26 Nov, David George wrote:
> Are you still seeing these now that you removed the using_v4l2 = false 
> hardcode from NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp?

No, once I removed that line I got a picture which I never did before
and the error messages do not appear anymore.

> Just a cursory look at the code (I've never had occasion to look at nvr 
> in the past), I would guess that perhaps the initial height or width are 
> out of range for the VIDIOCMCAPTURE ioctl.

The error I get if I enable debugging in v4l1-compat is:

I have not dug deeper into this but could if it would help anything.

>>I realized why it is using v4l1. That is hardcoded on line 875 of
> Yikes, that's not good.  It was probably left over from some testing 
> that someone was doing.  That line should probably be removed.

Yes, it looked very much as some testing code which was not removed as
it should.


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