[mythtv] transform.c (was: DVB subtitles and TS->PES decoder)

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 26 19:39:45 UTC 2004

> Well, I have a working, quite clean implementatio of TS->PES  parser.
> If that is the way to go. TS -> PES conversion has to be done at some
> point, question is whether it should be done in recorder of player. I
> do not know the pros and cons or either.

If you send me a .diff that works against the dvbpatch I can put it in there and
we can get some feedback that way..

> > Well if you look at the SIParser class in the patch set I am attempting to
> mask
> > teh differences between ATSC and DVB by putting them into common objects
> and os
> > then the same SQL can be used to shove them into the database..
> This concerns the metadata?

The non MPEGTS defined tables..

NIT (dvb) -> ??? (atsc)
SDT (dvb) -> TVCT/CVTC (atsc)
DVB-EIT (dvb) -> ATSC-EIT (atsc)

PAT/PMT/CAT are all defined by the MpegTS spec and are identical in dvb and

Once you read the data they all contain the same stuff but as raw tables they
are completely incompatiable..

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