[mythtv] transform.c (was: DVB subtitles and TS->PES decoder)

Taylor Jacob rtjacob at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 26 19:04:55 UTC 2004

>I mean you could drop transport.c right now, most of the code in there
>is not needed (only about 3-4 routines). Except for section handling,
>there should be no difference between DVB and ATSC and for recording
>yuo don't even need to look into the TS packets, you just need to
>filter for the PIDs. Why are there two code bases for that.

I think like all ATSC efforts in Linux no one has investigated the 2
technologies to realize they are so similar until after work is already
started, and then there has to be work done to bring them together..

I had talked to daniel about the merging of the recorder code, and I had
determined that Daniel could focus on the stripped TS, and I would eventually
(maybe someone else can clean it up) but work on some other format for saving
the MPEG-TS into PES or PS, which i am not sure which is the better to use.. So
it would be easier to merge and would allow movement to continue forward on both
without too much overlap..

Well if you look at the SIParser class in the patch set I am attempting to mask
teh differences between ATSC and DVB by putting them into common objects and os
then the same SQL can be used to shove them into the database..

Looks like I might need to order a DVICO HDTV Gold Fusion3 card since on
linux-dvb I looked at that guys mac code and everything to write a frontend I
think is there..


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