[mythtv] [PATCH] window border fix (was Re: Upgraded to CVS as of an hour ago, lost fullscreen mode)

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Fri Nov 26 15:14:39 UTC 2004

Nigel Pearson wrote:

>> This is the same patch as was posted earlier, with a new subject line 
>> to garner more attention.  If you run fullscreen mode with explicit 
>> width and height, or you have an interesting window manager, or you 
>> have any window border or focus issues with the current CVS, can you 
>> try this patch and see if it makes things better or worse?
>> In the absence of comments, this fixes David's problem (and corrects 
>> a bug where the fullscreen settings don't get updated properly), so 
>> it seems ready for CVS.
> Two thoughts:
> 1) Moving if (gContext->GetNumSetting("RunFrontendInWindow", 0))
>    from the constructor to Init() should have no impact?
>    It is not as if any of the screen setting calls
>    will change that database setting?
>    Or, is there some scenario where Init() is called with
>    an existing window after its settings are changed?
> 2) What will WX11BypassWM do for compilation under Qt/Embedded?

WX11BypassWM breaks mythvideo, mythdvd and probably mythgame as well if 
the frontend isn't running in a window and should probably be removed.

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