[mythtv] [PATCH] Music Metadata rehash. COMITTED - Missing files.....

Colin Guthrie myth at colin.guthr.ie
Fri Nov 26 08:44:28 UTC 2004


thor wrote:

>  Heh. I had this on the todo list, but that list got burried under post it 
> notes. 

Wow, your desk must look just like mine ;)

>  I read through the patch, and didn't see anything horrific. Used to rescan by 
> music collection and import a few CD's and all was well. I usually try and 
> step through patches a bit more carefully, but there's a lot here. So ... now 
> in CVS. If we get reports of problems, we can always revert and I'll go 
> through it more finely.

That seems fair enough! I'll be porting my other patch across to this 
new structure very soon anyways, so I'll be able to fix bugs as 
necessary in this code.

One thing to watch tho' is that I added a few new files that don't seem 
to have been commited. Probably just forgot to "cvs add" them.....

If you've still got the patch kicking about....
bzcat metadata.diff.bz2 | grep -A 1 /dev/null | grep "^+++" | sed 
's/^+++ \([^ \t]*\).*/\1/' | xargs cvs add
(don't ya just love crazy shell commands!!!)

or just:
cvs add metaio.cpp metaio.h metaio_libid3hack.c metaio_libid3hack.h 
metaioavfcomment.cpp metaioavfcomment.h metaioflacvorbiscomment.cpp 
metaioflacvorbiscomment.h metaioid3v2.cpp metaioid3v2.h 
metaiooggvorbiscomment.cpp metaiooggvorbiscomment.h vcedit.c vcedit.h

in the mythmusic folder.

>  A friendly reminder if I've obviously been sitting on something for a while 
> is perfectly appropriate, and even appeciated.


Thanks for this, much appreciated.



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