[mythtv] [PATCH] window border fix (was Re: Upgraded to CVS as of an hour ago, lost fullscreen mode)

Nigel Pearson nigel at ind.tansu.com.au
Thu Nov 25 23:18:08 UTC 2004

> This is the same patch as was posted earlier, with a new subject line 
> to garner more attention.  If you run fullscreen mode with explicit 
> width and height, or you have an interesting window manager, or you 
> have any window border or focus issues with the current CVS, can you 
> try this patch and see if it makes things better or worse?
> In the absence of comments, this fixes David's problem (and corrects a 
> bug where the fullscreen settings don't get updated properly), so it 
> seems ready for CVS.

Two thoughts:

1) Moving if (gContext->GetNumSetting("RunFrontendInWindow", 0))
    from the constructor to Init() should have no impact?
    It is not as if any of the screen setting calls
    will change that database setting?
    Or, is there some scenario where Init() is called with
    an existing window after its settings are changed?

2) What will WX11BypassWM do for compilation under Qt/Embedded?

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