[mythtv] [PATCH] Music Metadata rehash.

Colin Guthrie myth at colin.guthr.ie
Thu Nov 25 10:56:00 UTC 2004

myth at fsck.ch wrote:
> sorry for jumping in like this.

No worries!

> one problem i have with mythmusic metadata is that whenever i change the
> tags of mp3s that are already in the db, the changes don't get picked up.
> only new files get added properly. is your patch taking care of that?

Nope, 'fraid not. It just provides a more robust mechanism for *writing* 
tags. The reading functionality is not affected functionally (although 
it is totally reimplemented programatically).

> if not, my idea is to have one button in the frontend that only scans
> for new files (the current behaviour) plus one button that rescans all
> files (new functionality). i think two buttons would make sense, because
> rescanning all files can take a long time, something you don't want when
> you just added a single new album.

Perhaps store the file timestamp in the metadata table so that we can 
quickly scan for updated files and reload their metadata? This should be 
a fairly trivial extension to the current scanning with the introduction 
of a "scanning mode" config var. Perhaps just a ticky box on the setup 
page that says "Re-read tags from files that have been modified since 
last scan" or something would suffice?



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