[mythtv] Manual program insertion.

tommy myth-dev at tommywatson.com
Wed Nov 24 17:32:24 UTC 2004

Kevin Kuphal wrote:

> tommy wrote:
>> I'm attempting to develop some code to import files into mythtv, once 
>> I have my .nuv I can put it in mythconverg.recorded and have it show 
>> up in the playback menu etc, but when I try to rebuild the seek 
>> tables or commflag the file like so,
> Did you look at the contrib directory from CVS?  There is already an 
> import script.  myth.rebuilddatabase.pl that does what you are trying 
> to code.

Thanks, I hadn't seen that, I had a quick look at it, unfortunatley it 
doesn't  suit my needs and it seems to end up doing the same thing:

    if(!$test_mode) {
        exec("mythcommflag --file $new_file --rebuild");


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