[mythtv] Support for tv_grab_se (Patch)

Martin Forssen maf at tkrat.org
Mon Nov 22 22:20:32 UTC 2004

On 23 Nov, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
>> But that's what happens with several grabbers... eg tv_grab_au asks many
> questions, all in the terminal window. "yes | ..." wouldn't be helpful
> as it asks which region of Australia you live in etc.

So the real solution would be that tv_grab_* could present some file
(xml?) which described all configuration questions and their possible
answers. And that setup could parse this and generate an UI of it. Not a
small job:-)

Actually this sounds very much like the xdata stuff used in Jabber to
configure a groupchat. Which in turn looks very much like html forms.

To summarize, I think this would be a nice to have feature but there are
probably lots of more important features to implement, and this is
nontrivial. So the simple solution of making sure the dialog mentions it
should be just fine for now. I do not have the time to look into even
that simple solution right now but will probably do eventually if nobody
else beats me to it:-)


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